Understanding Casino Rates

One of the things that players love about the things that casinos give them are the freebies in the casino. It may not matter to some what the freebies are but some people are just glad that there are free stuff to begin with.

Comps is the same for freebies but stand for complimentary stuff that the casino can give out to a player for their gaming time on the floor. One of the most coveted comp items is the free room available. It is a sign that one has definitely arrived in the gambling world and has made a name and a reputation for being handed a comp.

The usual requirements for free room comps is that the player must have at least been playing for a minimum of 5 hours a day and it must be in a specific table accompanied by a certain amount of bet.

In the case of video poker or slot machines, usually a dollar of more is the set amount that must be played per day per a couple of more days. One has to check with the casino they are playing in and ask what are the comps requirements are.

It is also advisable that players ask before diving into their favorite game. This way, earning a comp is fun to do and one tends to benefit both ways.

In some cases that the standards for the comps is not met, some casinos would offer a casino rate. This means that the casino can give a whopping discount of up to40 percent per room. Normal reservations done over the phone would entail almost double the amount but in casino rates, the process are sliced generously.

In some smaller casinos, some comps require that the player register in a players club first to avail of any comp in the casino. Comps are applicable to anyone as long as the comp standards are met. And even if the standards may seem a bit high or hard to meet, one can usually politely ask for the comp and it can be given quite openly. One just has to ask nicely.

Casinos normally agree to a room comp or rate because they want ones business dealings to keep coming back to the same casino. The management understands that the only way players would come back into the casino is if many freebies or perks await them.

As in the case of any comp, it is always a good move to allow the casino host to rate ones play so that the comp may be given. Some pit bosses are allowed to give out compass but one should make sure that the person doing so has weight in the casino to make the comp happen.