Casino Staff 101; Casino Manager's Duty and Qualifications

Everybody wants to be the big boss at one or another point in their lifetimes and if you have the proper qualifications, you can indeed become such. Being a casino manager is a nut job and a tough nut as well. The casino manager has to be the eye in the sky at all times and the duties can get really tough. Find out what it takes to be a qualified casino manager with all its duties and responsibilities.

There are two options for those who want to become casino managers. The first option is to work yourself up in the casino hierarchy and the second option is to apply with the right qualifications and experience in administrative work. If you do want to work your way up, then you would have to start as change attendant, go to the job of the dealers, then be a floor supervisor, pit boss, assistant shift manager and shift manager and finally the coveted casino manager spot. This climbing can take several decades and if you are not that patient you should opt for applying with the right qualifications.

The casino manager's duty is to oversee the whole casino. Your main qualification is a business course in managing or a bachelors or masters degree. You need to have qualifications in communication and the general manager's and casino set up. If you do not know anything about casinos, then how do you expect a casino owner to hire you?

The duty of a casino manager is also to cater to people's complaints, inventories, supplies, watching where the money goes into and how it comes back in. The manager has also the power to change certain game rules in the casino and more importantly change the game rule to gain a winning edge for the house. A casino manager also has to see to it that the casino games are played accordingly to the states laws and regulations. The casino manager is responsible for hiring people that are right under him and the casino manager organizes the setting of the casino.

Events and promotions are also part of the casino manager's duties. The casino manager is responsible for the success or the flop of an event and the casino manager is the main figure for the public eye. This means that if the casino is in the limelight, then it is the casino manager, not the owner, who makes public appearances and has to go to interviews.

The duties and qualifications of a casino manager are plenty and if you still think that you have what it takes to be a good casino manager, then you can work your way to the top, or apply with the perfect qualifications.