Making the Right Tip

Before leaving the casino, especially when you have just won a jackpot, it is essential for you to distribute some tip or token of gratuity. Though it is not a necessity to do so, the giving of financial tips is most likely expected so that you will be recognized the next time you visit the casino and because you have to share your blessings.

Determining how much should be given off as tips to the attendants should be thought of very carefully. You might give too much or too little and this will lead to dissatisfaction of either yourself or those who you are giving the tip to. Wouldn't you want the bar tender to remember you and give you the privilege of being served like a VIP the next time you visit? Wouldn't it feel good if you were able to give out some of your night's or day's blessing to those who might need it more than you do? Come on, do not be too greedy.

The right tip would normally is not pegged at a fixed amount. Say for example a person who usually plays in a casino leaves $5 for the bartender, $5 for the cashier, and $5 for the valet parker, that would already cost them $15. More so, they visit the casino three times a week and do not really win big in that three visits to the casino. Sometimes, they would not even win at all. See, you lose $15 each time and you are not sure whether you will get it back the next time. You could have spent this money on playing some more games and increasing your probability of winning.

For the right casino tip, what you could actually do is to place it a fixed rate or percentage of your winnings. This way, you would not have to give anything when you do not win for that night. But if you do hit a jackpot, you can subtract firs the money you put in the game for that night and then deduct around five percent to ten percent of what is left. For example you brought wit you $20 for a game that night and spent it all on the game. You just won $100, so you would take away the $20 you spent to play which will leave you with $80 more dollars. Five percent of that would be $4 and ten percent would be at $8.

That way, you would still have a reasonable amount to take home and everybody will be happy. The casino employees will understand the amount of the tip you gave depending on the winning you had for that night.