Shopping Along The Strip

When women go on vacation, they simply have to shop. Women love shopping and that ritual will never change. Even in a gambling utopia like Las Vegas, women cannot spend all of their time and money just gambling. Some women would rather go shopping for the latest perfume or lipstick than blow their whole load of cash on a single bet. Women would rather celebrate a winning streak than with a big shopping binge.

Shopping on the Strip

In the recent years, Las Vegas has become a shoppers paradise as well as a gambling town. Known for hosting many fine and reputable casinos, over 400 stores can be found within half a mile of any casino. This just goes to prove that where women are concerned, gambling and shopping go hand in hand.

The type of stores on the strip are the upper AB class stores and cater mostly to tourists. As any experienced shopper knows, the best places to shop are in shops nowhere near home.

There are several shops along the strips that have constructed in such a way to pull in customers. Several known candy and chocolate makers have put up candy and chocolate shops that sell nothing but their own brand of sweets. Some of the stores even have lounges that the customer may stop, sit and munch their favorite sweets while watching a sports game or movie. The move is done so that the customer may feel at home and hope to entice the customer to purchase more items in the shop.

The strip is also an excellent place for antique lovers. The strip has played host to numerous antique exhibits as well as antique auctions of various articles of clothing of past idols.

Hotel Shopping

Shopping in a casino hotel is an experience one can never forget. Almost all hotel-casino shopping malls complement the current casino theme so one feels that one is strolling along a famous avenue in Paris or Italy. The malls within are so meticulously designed as to make the shopper feel as if they are in another part of the world. Shoppers who stop for a bite in the themed cafes or restaurants have to be aware that they are expensive. Most people do not mind spending if they have just emerged from a good day at the slots or game table.

On a Budget

For those people wjo are tight on a budget and cannot afford to spend all their money on the expensive shops can rejoice in the numerous outlet malls that pepper the edge of town. Some of the outlet stores require a shuttle trip to these areas. Outlet stores are massive warehouses that have many goods on wholesale and even on retail. Sometimes prices are slashed so as to entice customers to keep on buying.


No vacation is without souvenirs. These small marvels can be found in hotels, stores, and even on the street. These items can match any shoppers need and budget.

Shopping in the strip can be downright fun if one knows how to budget their money. Plan the trip and take a little extra cash for unexpected events.